Sandro Giacobbe & Marina

Born in Genoa on December 14, 1949, Sandro Giacobbe, at the age of sixteen, formed a music group with some friends called Giacobbe & le Allucinazioni. He signed with Dischi Ricordi then joined CBS, as a composer gaining recognition and success leading to his first successful 45 RPM record in 1974: "Signora Mia,".

1976, his breakthrough year saw Sandro place third at the Sanremo Festival with "Gli occhi di tua madre”. His songs climbed the charts until "Sarà la nostalgia" in 1982, became one of the most acclaimed hits of the year. In 1983, he participated in Sanremo and again in 1990, with the song "Io vorrei,". Sandro continued to tour and release popular hit songs and songs of hope throughout the 90’sand 2000’s including collaborations with his partner Marina Peroni.

In 2023, his newest song titled "Lettera al gigante" was released composed by Andrea Giacobbe. Performed as a duet with Sandro this deeply moving song speaks about everything they have never said, from a child to a parent.