Michael Occhipinti Daniella

Michael Occhipinti’s SICILIAN JAZZ PROJECT has been dazzling audiences world-wide with its unique mix of rare Old World Sicilian folk material and the New World sounds of electric guitars, chamber music, funk and reggae grooves, and modern jazz. Using music sung by Sicilian fishermen, sulphur miners, and folk musicians as a starting point, the music is like a trip on the Mediterranean that detours to Mali, Jamaica, and Toronto.

Daniela Spalletta has been called “a silken voice, with remarkable fluidity and range” by the prestigious American Jazz magazine Downbeat, and she finished Second in the prestigious 2019 Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition. She is considering one of the top contemporary jazz singers inEurope, and is also a gifted composer and arranger working in many styles, including her own explorations of Sicilian music.