Marisa Buffone’s Taranta Cabaret

Marisa Buffone was born in Toronto, but when she was still a child her family moved back to Southern Italy. It was here that she developed her passion for singing the music of the Mediterranean, through travel and research, exploring the centuries of old music traditions from Naples, Puglia to Calabria, to Sicily.

Today she will be adding an all-new repertoire and style to her performance: the universal musical language of jazz, together with Italian and North American classics: familiar to all cultures and generations.

In 2007 Marisa wrote and produced the Musical Tarantella which premiered in Toronto and New York at La Mama E.T.C. A cabaret version was produced as part of the launch of Luminato: Toronto’s Festival of the Arts and Creativity.

Due to popular demand, today’s performance will end with excerpts of the cabaret: a Pizzica, a Tarantella and Pizzica Tarantata, an ancient female healing dance still practiced today. This music heard at annual festivals reflects centuries of encounters and influences from adjacent Mediterranean cultures: echoes of Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, Spain.

It is Marisa Buffone’s pleasure to bring this ancient music to Canada following many summers spent in Italy.


Marisa Buffone’s