I Mediterranea

They were born in 1999 from the meeting between Lucrezia Liardo and Roberto Mauri.

Lucrezia and Roberto's passion for music, experimentation, and genre blending led them from the beginning to want to live and combine their artistic characteristics in a project where traditional Italian melodies merge with the new musical trends of the world.

Currently, i mediterranea presents their live show with their band around the world, featuring an original repertoire that pays attention to the latest trends and is constantly updated. They span across musical genres, recalling international hits and current chart-toppers. Emotions and joy are the slogans of their live performances.

Lucrezia Liardo

As a backing vocalist, she collaborated with Tullio De Piscopo for the album "Belle guaglione" and with Gian Pieretti. She participated in the Sanremo Song Academy in 1998 and was awarded by Biagio Antonacci. She lends her voice for TV and radio commercials, as a backing vocalist and session musician for recordings. In 2000, she recorded the dance single "Live Today" under the stage name Krezia.

Roberto Mauri

Pianist, author, composer, programmer, and arranger, graduated from the San Pietro a Maiella Conservatory in Naples, collaborated with the Pooh during their 1993 tour as a sampler, synth, and keyboard programmer for Roby Facchinetti. As a supporter, he participated in concerts by Anna Oxa and Patty Pravo (1999). From 1999 to 2009, he resumed collaboration with the Pooh as a sampler, synth, and keyboard programmer, and in the 2004/2005 tour also as a live musician, playing synthesized winds and trumpet in B-flat.